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Why is Active Living Important for Older Adults

We tend to think of recreation as something for children, but fun and laughter is for people of all ages. In particular, engaging activities can be powerful for the physical, emotional and cognitive health of older adults.

One of the greatest benefits of independent living is the potential for fun. Here individuals rediscover passions and hobbies that they were too busy to pursue during their working years. With an array of onsite activities and amenities, older adults have a huge opportunity to engage from the comfort of a senior community. 

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of engaging in activities for older adults and how independent living at Imperial Pointe can help spark joy and wonder in this new chapter of life. 

Benefit #1: Gets You Moving

Older adults should stay active. Playing sports, enjoying games and engaging with nature ensures that you’re getting regular exercise. 

Everybody has their preferred activities. Some residents may enjoy sports such as tennis, croquet or horseshoes, while others tend towards unstructured options such as gardening, metal detecting or hiking. 

Key Outcomes 

  • Increases muscle tone, motor skills and coordination
  • Reduces the risk of falls and walking aids
  • Boosts energy and youthfulness

At Imperial Pointe, we encourage movement and wellness through a suite of onsite amenities, including our:

  • Kennison Fitness Center with personalized programs
  • Namaste Yoga Studio
  • Calcasieu Outdoor Pool
  • Lantana Courtyard & Vegetable/Flower Garden
  • Magnolia Salon & Spa
  • Heinen Putting Green & Shuffleboards
  • Walking trails

Benefit #2: Produces Feelings of Joy

Engaging in activities is also a key part of emotional health. When we play, we laugh and tell stories, which in turn helps reduce stress.

Fun activities that help us relax are endless, but some popular ones may include karaoke, dancing, theater, shows and pet therapy. 

Key Outcomes 

  • Triggers the release of endorphins for better mood and optimism
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

Imperial Pointe has an ongoing calendar of activities to keep residents engaged. Our varied programming includes entertainment, social events, and educational and spiritual activities. In addition, our Kushner Theater gives you access to weekly performances, movies, lectures, presentations and more.

Benefit #3: Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Games and puzzles are essential for your brain health – in addition to being just plain fun! Some favorites include crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, word searches, sudoku, scrabble, bingo, checkers, chess, bridge, monopoly, backgammon, gin rummy, pool, solitaire and dominoes. Even digital options such as Words with Friends can exercise your thinking.

Key Outcomes 

  • Improves cognitive function
  • Prevents memory problems

We foster connections among residents not just through activity planning, but also by providing common spaces where interactions can thrive. For example, our L’Auberge Club Room has a pool table for friends to play each other and our game room is the perfect setting to enjoy your favorite board games and puzzles. 

Benefit #4: Activates Creativity and Problem-Solving

Engaging in activities can also be a deeply artistic process that allows older adults to reflect, create, express themselves and stimulate the imagination. This type of activity is also linked to innovation and problem-solving. 

Common activities include reading, researching ancestry, learning a new language or taking a class (such as music, art, knitting, woodworking, etc.).

Key Outcomes 

  • Encourages expression of thoughts and feelings
  • Strengthens the ability to see patterns and find solutions

Our community offers lifelong learning opportunities for a range of interests. Here you can join a club or take a class in order to unlock creativity. At our Williams Event Center, for example, you can enjoy seminars, farmers markets, book fairs, etc. We also have an art studio and offer cooking classes through our demonstration kitchen. There’s always something new to learn and experience at Imperial Pointe. 

Benefit #5: Fosters Connection and Purpose 

Finally, social activity helps boost relationships. Strong social bonds are especially important for older adults who would otherwise feel lonely or isolated. Some typical fun activities include parties, special events or outings to see festivals, exhibitions, sport matches, etc.

Key Outcomes 

  • Builds stronger relationships and a sense of empathy
  • Enhances social interaction
  • Makes new memories 

Not only do we have a robust social calendar and celebrate special events, but we also pride ourselves in making it easy for residents to get around town. At Imperial Pointe, we have scheduled transportation and concierge services so that groups can attend local Lake Charles festivities or individuals can plan something of their own choosing.

Enrich Your Daily Life With Active Living at Imperial Pointe

Engaging in activities is vital for people of all ages. At Imperial Pointe, our independent living community allows you to explore your interests and pursue your passions, while also gaining physical, emotional and cognitive benefits.

Learn more about Imperial Pointe’s suite of amenities and how we build community so every resident feels connected, happy and healthy.