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When Is It Time For Independent Living?

Moving to independent living is a highly personal decision. Yet, if you’re ready to make the most of your retirement years, it’s never too early to consider joining a resort-style senior living community like The Villages of Imperial Pointe. 

Here are some common reasons that compel older adults to embrace independent living and enjoy more meaningful lives as they age. 

8 Signs That You Should Consider Independent Living

1. You Want to Meet New People

Older adults like you tend to feel lonely and isolated on their own. This is especially true if your children have moved away, and/or your close friends have passed. Even attending activities you once enjoyed, such as church or an athletic club, may now be difficult to coordinate from your home.

Loneliness can have serious consequences on your health, too. Studies show it can lead to adverse health effects such as heart disease, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline and more. Ultimately, having few social ties is a red flag that you need to integrate into a community. 

How Independent Living Addresses This

Independent living gives you access to a built-in group of neighbors that you can connect with on a daily basis. In addition, communities put together robust social calendars with events, activities and opportunities to mingle – plus transportation services to get to and from your favorite places.

2. You’re Done With Chores and Upkeep

As you age, it’s normal for chores like cooking, cleaning and doing laundry to become more burdensome. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by these tasks, it may be a sign that it’s time to move to independent living, where you can downsize into a right-sized apartment and access convenient upkeep services. 

How Independent Living Addresses This

At an independent living community, you can move to a luxury apartment home that’s just the right size for your lifestyle needs. In addition, you can free up your time by taking advantage of convenient services such as meals, housekeeping, laundry, yardwork, repairs, utilities and more.

3. You Want to Fill Your Days with Adventure 

Your retirement years should be the moment to explore your interests and focus on yourself. If you’re feeling bored during the day and not up to your usual energy levels, you may need to reconnect with your vision for the coming years. 

Think about your retirement goals and whether you can achieve them living at home. Boredom may be a sure sign that you could benefit from a suite of on-site amenities at an independent living community. 

How Independent Living Addresses This

In addition to social opportunities, independent living communities offer a wealth of amenities and activities to keep you active and engaged. At The Villages of Imperial Pointe, for example, we have a state-of-the-art fitness center, yoga studio, outdoor pool, spa, putting green, walking trails, theater, art studio, game room and more. Here you can design your days as you wish, whatever your hobbies may be.

4. You Want to Eat Well Without the Hassle

Getting groceries and preparing meals can become challenging over time. If you aren’t eating the way you should, are losing weight or your groceries often go bad in the fridge, you may benefit from letting a community take care of cooking meals for you. 

How Independent Living Addresses This

At a senior living community, you’ll get access to three nutritious and well-balanced meals a day. You’ll also have plenty of options, as some communities offer a variety of dining venues and menus. At The Villages of Imperial Pointe, we’re proud to offer anytime dining at our multiple venues such as the Witherspoon Dining Room, Broussard Bistro Bar & Lounge, and Henderson Grille House with Outdoor Dining.

5. You Want to Participate in Regular Wellness Activities

Your well-being should be a priority in retirement. If you’re not exercising in your current living arrangements or taking care of yourself in general, you should consider the numerous wellness amenities available at independent living communities. 

How Independent Living Addresses This

Live a healthier lifestyle and boost your body, mind and spirit at an independent living community. At The Villages of Imperial Pointe, we take a holistic approach to your wellness. While we offer personalized fitness classes and amenities such as a spa, we also address your social, intellectual and spiritual needs. Here you can get access to regular social events, lifelong learning classes, opportunities to volunteer and more.

6. You Want Extra Security 

Older adults who live on their own may also feel uncertain about their safety or worried that something may happen to them at home. These concerns could involve home security or health emergencies. 

How Independent Living Addresses This 

Independent living apartments are specifically designed for older adults and include safety features such as grab bars and an emergency response system. In addition, communities are 24/7 monitored for health and security, so you can have peace of mind that help is right next door if you need it. 

7. You Want to Consolidate Your Finances 

Logistics such as paying bills can become tedious. If you feel overwhelmed by keeping track of bills, paying taxes and more, it may be time for the simplicity of a one-time monthly payment. 

How Independent Living Addresses This

Independent living communities typically charge residents an all-inclusive monthly fee. This means everything is included in that one price, including meals, amenities, services, utilities and more. You’ll be responsible for just one check every month, making it easier to keep to your senior living budget.

8. You Want a Plan for Future Care Needs

Finally, even if you’re still completely independent, you may have recently been diagnosed with a chronic condition or worry what your health needs will be in the future. In this case, choosing an independent living community with other available care levels can give you great peace of mind.

How Independent Living Addresses This

At an independent living community, you can access other health levels when you need them. This ensures you’re close to future care options and don’t have to relocate as your health evolves. On the Imperial Pointe campus, we will offer assisted living and memory care options, so you can always upgrade care levels and get the health coordination that you require. 

Make the Most of Independent Living at The Villages of Imperial Pointe 

Moving to independent living can help you reimagine retirement and design your day-to-day experiences. If you’re interested in making the change, feel free to reach out to The Villages of Imperial Pointe to learn how our residents live their best lives on our campus. In the meantime, check out our photo and video gallery to get a glimpse into our beautiful, master-planned community.