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Independent Living vs. Assisted Living in Lake Charles

Your senior living journey starts with getting access to the care and amenities you need to thrive. Individuals looking to maximize retirement at a senior living community may be deciding between independent living and assisted living. Though they offer some overlapping services, these two types of care have key differences.

As you research the best level of care, you may benefit from getting more information about independent living vs. assisted living. To help you out, let’s go in-depth about these care options in Lake Charles below.




What Is Independent Living?

Independent living reimagines retirement by offering older adults easy access to amenities within a campus-style community. The idea is for individuals to stay active, engage with neighbors and take advantage of on-site amenities ranging from meals and housekeeping to a fitness center and movie theater. Individuals can live fully by shedding home chores and focusing their time on their interests, goals and relationships.


Assisted Living vs. Independent Living

Assisted living residents may have similar retirement goals in mind, but they require some daily help with activities such as bathing, toileting, dressing and eating. Individuals in this care group will receive assistance at certain intervals of the day, but otherwise spend their time independently and pursue their interests through resort-style onsite amenities.

From afar, independent and assisted living residents are hard to tell apart: both types are highly active and socially integrated into the community. The biggest difference is that assisted living residents need aid with some activities during the day.


Independent Living & Assisted Living Overlapping Services

Both independent living and assisted living provide robust communities and amenities that enhance individuals’ daily experiences. Some overlapping services include:

Living Spaces

Both independent living and assisted living residents at Imperial Pointe have access to flexible one-bedroom and two-bedroom floor plans that include an option of a patio or balcony. All come with state-of-the-art finishes such as stainless steel appliances, wood flooring, high ceilings, walk-in closets, walk-in showers and more.

In addition, all apartments and common spaces are outfitted with safety measures in order to reduce the risk of falls and injuries. Grab bars, no-slip mats, level flooring and more are present campus-wide.


All residents in our Lake Charles community can enjoy anytime farm-to-table dining at a variety of campus restaurants, including the Witherspoon Dining Room, Henderson Grille House, Broussard Bistro Bar & Lounge and L’Auberge Club Room.

Amenities & Activities

In addition, independent living and assisted living residents at Imperial Pointe can take advantage of resort-style amenities that enhance everyday experiences, including:

  • State-of-the art Kennison Fitness Center and personalized fitness plans
  • Namaste Yoga Studio
  • Calcasieu Outdoor Pool
  • Lantana Courtyard & Vegetable/Flower Garden
  • Magnolia Salon & Spa
  • Heinen Putting Green & Shuffleboards
  • Walking trails
  • Entertainment, social events and educational and spiritual programs
  • Kushner Theater
  • Williams Event Center
  • Benglis Art Studio
  • Business Center, Meeting & Game Room

Health Services

  • Health coordination and onsite medical services such as an eye clinic, a surgery center, physical therapists, rehabilitation services and more
  • Regular wellness checks
  • Medication management
  • Emergency response system
  • 24/7 onsite staff

Convenient Utilities

  • Concierge services
  • Housekeeping services
  • Scheduled transportation
  • All utilities, except telephone
  • Basic cable television and WiFi
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Trash removal
  • Landscaping services

Key Differences Between Independent Living & Assisted Living

While independent living and assisted living have some overlap, they serve distinct types of residents. Let’s take a closer look at these key differences below.

Resident Profiles

Independent living is intended for individuals looking to stay active and enhance their quality of life with access to luxury amenities.

Assisted living residents are also looking to maximize their independence and enjoy amenities, but may not have the same physical integrity. Some may have recently been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as dementia or Parkinson’s, but don’t yet show severe symptoms. Often, these individuals experience minimal interference with their daily life and only require some help with self-care tasks.


Type of Care

Independent living doesn’t include any specific healthcare, though the community campus gives residents access to other care levels in case their needs change.

Assisted living revolves around help with personal tasks such as bathing, toileting, dressing, eating and mobility. Residents’ needs vary widely and care is individualized according to how much and often it’s required.



Independent living is typically the most affordable type of senior care because it centers around access to amenities.

Since assisted living includes home aide assistance during the day, the cost is somewhat higher. Residents under this plan get all-included access to amenities, plus scheduled help with self-care.


How to Decide on the Best Level of Care for Your Mom or Dad

Deciding on the best level of care for your parent may involve research, conversations, tours and more. If you’re still not sure whether independent living or assisted living is right, you’re not alone. You can get in touch with your parent’s doctor to get recommendations or even reach out to your preferred community for an assessment.

Typically, your parent may require assisted living if he/she:

  • Struggles perform self-care tasks
  • Gets overwhelmed by basic home chores such as cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • Feels lonely and isolated home
  • Frets about safety and security
  • Feels unsure about how to get care in the future

If these statements describe your mom or dad, assisted living in Lake Charles may be a good choice.

If your parents simply want a maintenance-free lifestyle, a robust and active community, and access to amenities and services on-site, then independent living would be the perfect fit.


How a Continuum of Care Can Secure Your Future

Whether you would benefit from independent living or assisted living, our senior living community in Lake Charles has you covered. By choosing a community with a continuum of care, you can be sure to get the care you require – no matter how your needs evolve over time.

At Imperial Pointe, we have multiple neighborhoods including 55+ living at The Enclave (Coming Soon), independent living at The Villages of Imperial Pointe, along with assisted living and memory care at The Haven (Coming Soon). At any time, you can switch between levels and start receiving upgraded care from your same home in our community. Get the peace of mind that your future health is taken care of by choosing a community with a continuum of care.


Choosing the Best Senior Living Community in Lake Charles

Navigating your care options can be overwhelming. As you carefully consider independent living and assisted living, we’re here to help. At Imperial Pointe, we offer a variety of care levels to meet all our residents’ needs, as well as deluxe amenities to enhance quality of life. Here you can get farm-to-table meals, state-of-the-art wellness amenities, flexible floor plans, a robust community and more.

Reach out to our team to learn more about our independent living and assisted living options at our Lake Charles senior living community