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Benefits of a Fall Move to Senior Living

Moving to a senior living community can be hard no matter the season. Between downsizing your home, planning the logistics and getting ready for the emotional transition, you’ve got your hands full. Yet, switching homes during the fall can be highly beneficial for a seamless move to senior living.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a fall move as you plan for the future.


6 Reasons Why Fall Is Ideal for Moving to Senior Living

1. Avoid Peak Moving Season

To start, summer is by far the most popular moving season. By choosing an alternative like fall, you can avoid peak season. This is advantageous for getting easy access to key moving services and avoiding crowds.

In addition, fall is favorable for coordinating a move with your family’s schedules. Several long weekends and a fall break means you can get some extra help as you prepare to move.


2. Get Better Moving Services & Equipment

Off-season moves also mean moving services and equipment rentals will have greater availability to accommodate your needs. You’ll have a greater selection of services and dates, so you can plan your ideal move. In addition, moving companies won’t be as busy, so you’ll get better all-around service.


3. Reduce Moving Costs

Fall moves are also more cost-effective than summer moves, so you can save during this season. In summer, moving costs are about 20-30% higher, which is why choosing fall can reduce your overall expenses.


4. Enjoy Mild Weather

Moving in fall is also great for staying comfortable as you pack, organize and transport your things. With mild fall weather, you’ll avoid extreme heat and cold, so that moving day is a pleasant experience.


5. Combine With “Back to School” Fall Cleaning Efforts

Fall marks the beginning of the school year, which means that donation drives are popular this season. This coincides perfectly with downsizing. Downsizing to senior living often involves some hefty cleaning and organizing. In the fall, there are plenty of places to donate, give away or throw away items that won’t be going with you.


6. Settle Into Your New Home By Winter

When you move to senior living in the fall, you’ll be all settled in by the time winter comes around. Summer tends to be the busiest season in communities, so it’s the perfect time to get to know your new neighbors, take advantage of social events and explore the facilities.


Tips for a Smooth Fall Move to Senior Living

You can make this transition as smooth as possible by thinking ahead. As you get ready, these tips can help you prepare for your fall move:

  • Find a community that excites you: Moving can bring mixed emotions, but you shouldn’t be dreading the change. As you choose your future home, make sure to find one that excites you and offers opportunities to pursue your interests.
  • Start downsizing early: Downsizing can be a lengthy process that takes months of preparation. Start early and try to tackle a room every week or two.
  • Know the floor plan and space limitations: Understanding your new floor plan will help you identify what will fit. Consider larger items or collections carefully, as you don’t want your new home to feel cluttered.
  • Delegate moving responsibilities to family members: Make it a family affair! Get your kids and grandkids involved with specific tasks so that you don’t feel alone as you prepare for this change.
  • Work with your community on transition steps: The best care providers take measures to ensure your transition goes as smoothly as possible. Get in touch with your community in order to work together on your move.
  • Personalize your space from day one: Make your apartment feel like home from the start. Personalize the space with decorative items and your favorite things, so that it feels like yours.
  • Allow time for emotional transition: Shifting to senior living is a big change that takes time to get used to. Give yourself the emotional space to adjust.


Start Your Journey at a Senior Living Community

As you start your journey, be sure to choose the right senior living community. At Imperial Pointe, you can reimagine your retirement and get access to resort-style amenities, as well as key health services, all within one masterfully planned campus. Here we offer independent living, and soon will offer 55+ active adult living, assisted living and memory care so individuals can thrive, regardless of their health needs.

Get the full details on our senior living campus and reach out to our team to learn more about why Imperial Pointe may be the perfect place to call home.